Indeed, the most difficult hiking of the entire trek would be encountered west of the Chindwin. At another village, the general was presented with a goat—Stilwell offered cigarettes in return. I have waited long for vengeance, At last I’ve had my chance. These examinations passed many ailing soldiers as fit for duty; Stilwell’s staff roamed hospital hallways in search of any Marauder with a temperature lower than degrees Fahrenheit. In other respects, however, Stilwell was a skilled tactician in U. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his service in France. The heavy radio that Stilwell possessed could only be transported by vehicle.

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When Laybourn arrived with the mules, Stilwell ordered him to swim the animals across the Chindwin and link up again with the main group on the other side of the river.

General Joseph W. Stilwell

The other four groups each had three rafts lashed together, so that the overall length was roughly 60 feet for each. Despite missing the deadline to apply for Congressional appointment to the military academy, Stilwell gained entry through the use of family connections who knew President William McKinley. Right before Stilwell’s departure, New York Times drama critic-turned-war correspondent Brooks Atkinson interviewed him in Chungking and wrote:.

The Brigade was evacuated, although John Masters sarcastically kept the fit men, ” Company” in the field until 1 August. Retrieved November 19, After Stilwell left the defeated Chinese troops that he had been given nominal command of by Chiang Kai-shek Chinese generals admitted later that they had considered Stilwell as an ‘adviser’ and sometimes took orders directly from Chianghe escaped Burma in In the residence’s courtyard, there are many jeeps parked there and the bust of Joseph W.

Major GeneralArmy of the United States: They had spent several months harassing Japanese traffic from Bhamo to Myitkyina. At Chammu, Stilwell was greeted by a chieftain in a bright red blanket who offered the general stillwelll bottle of rice beer as a sign of sttillwell and respect. Stilwell believed that after forcing a supply route through northern Burma by means of a major ground offensive against the Japanese, he could train and equip thirty Chinese divisions with modern combat equipment.


Army Black Knights men’s basketball head coaches. American airplanes no longer had to make the dangerous venture over the Humpincreasing the delivery of supplies from 18, tons in Juneto 39, tons in November Arguably, had Stilwell been stillwelo the number of American regular infantry divisions he had continually requested, the American experience in China and Burma would have been very different.

As Alexander attempted to hold a defensive line from Prome in the west to Toungoo in the east, in late April the Japanese smashed the Chinese 55th Division on the Toungoo front and rapidly pushed northward toward Lashio the starting point of the crucial Stillweol Road and Myitkyina.

Upon arrival, he was met by two Army generals at the airport, who told him that he was not to answer any media questions about China whatsoever. Several members of the group needed to be hospitalized.

Stilwell: The GIs’ Favorite – YANK – October 6,

Army special operations formation, the th Composite Unit provisional later known as Merrill’s MaraudersStilwell built up his Chinese forces for an eventual offensive in northern Burma. Convinced that the Chinese soldier was the equal of any given proper care and leadership, Stilwell established a training center in Ramgarh, India, miles west of Calcutta for two divisions of Chinese troops from forces that had retreated to Assam from Burma.

Early on, the Roosevelt administration and the War Department had given priority to other theaters for U. Army Marauder officer, and Chindit brigade commanders John Masters and Michael Calvert later recalled Stilwell’s appointment of a staff officer specially detailed by him to visit subordinate commands in order to chastise their officers and men as being ‘yellow’. A very different interpretation of events suggests that Stilwell, pressing for his full command of all Chinese forces, had made diplomatic inroads with the Chinese Communist Red Army commanded by Mao Zedong.


Despite this Stilwell believed that with a determined effort, he could beat both.

Joseph Stilwell

Concerning the loss of Burma, the general had already remarked to his aide, Colonel Dorn: The next day, after a mile march, the group reached the truck head at Litan, where two American officers met the party with war news, chocolate bars, American cigarettes and whiskey.

As adviser to the Chinese air forces, Chennault proposed a limited air offensive against the Japanese in China in using a series of forward air bases.

He was towed downstream on top of an air mattress while still unconscious. As long as there was the slightest possibility of salvaging a situation, the irascible infantryman saw himself duty-bound to try.

Stilwell Museum

Sixth Army commander after the war’s conclusion. On December 21,Stilwell assumed direct control of planning for the invasion of Northern Burma, culminating with capture of the Japanese-held town of Myitkyina.

Bereft stiolwell further combat replacements for his hard-pressed Marauder battalions, Stilwell felt he had no choice but to continue offensive operations with his existing forces, using the Marauders as ‘the point of the spear’ until they had either achieved all their objectives, or were wiped out.

The road was later named Joseph W.

Chennaultwho Stillwell felt over-valued the effectiveness of air power against massed ground troops — as demonstrated by the fall of the 14th Air Force wtillwell in genegal China Hengyang, Kweilin, etc. The new road network, later called the Ledo Roadwould link the northern end of the Burma Road as the primary supply route to China; Stilwell’s staff planners had estimated the route would supply 65, tons of supplies per month.

In Februarythree Marauder battalions marched into Burma.