Rod – Carriage rod – Shaft that the carriage assembly rides on. Spitton – Spittoon base – the bottom and main housing of the service station assembly – holds any residual ink from the print cartridge cleaning process. Spring – Lever arm spring – Provides tension between the lever arm and the pressure plate lifter. Clutch Feed – Clutch unit resposible for unit picking up paper from the pick up unit. Foot – Rubber foot – Replacement rubber foot for the bottom of the printer two used.

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Stiffener – Encoder stiffener – Prevents oscillation of encoder strip.

Service Station – Service station tumbler assembly. Clamp – Nose clamp – Holds color cartridge in place.

Tray Assembly – Paper input tray assembly for loading paper bottom. Carriage Motor – Carriage motor moves the carriage unit side to side.

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Retainer – Washer retainer – Holds carriage rod lubrication washers in place. Glass Assembly – Main top copier glass assembly. Arm Plate – Lever arm – used to lift the pressure plate lifter. Cap – Left lifter cap – Holds the pressure plate lifter in place. Paper – Premium glossy paper – A size 8. Guide Paper – Upper paper guide – spring loaded flat plate that presses the media against the top of the feed roller assembly – caution: Pinchwheel – Pinch assembly kit – includes all required pinch wheels, pinchwheel mounts and springs.


Strip – Encoder strip – Carriage position sensor reference. Belt – Drive belt – For the print mechanism carriage assembly. Tray Assembly Cover – Tray cover – the top cover for the paper pick up tray unit. Filter – Air filter – The fan is not needed – Fan related parts are no longer supplied.

Actuator – Actuating unit. Guide – Width adjuster – For single sheet or envelope feeder. Spring – Latch desljet – Provides tension for tray latch. Carriage Cable – Flex circuit cable which connects the head driver board to the carriage assembly. Cover Main – This is the main cover of the printer.

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Insulator – Power supply insulator – Insulates power supply from chassis. Tool – 35cc syringe – For use with carriage slider rod lubricant. Wing – Left wing – Holds printed paper after being ejected. Arm Tension – Tension arm – maintains tension on carriage belt.


Roller Pickup – Pick up roller assembly for paper bottom tray. Print Mechanism – Print mechanism assembly – complete mechanism with carriage movement, paper picking and service station – does not include covers, printer base, print heads, ink cartridges, or any consumables.

Cable USB – This interface cable is the standard 2. Actuator – Door actuator – Actuates access door open switch. Trailing Cable – Trailing cable for scanner – cable connects from scanner to pc board.

Service station absorber deskjeg – soaks up used ink during cartridge cleaning.

Cover – Power supply cover – Shields dskjet protects power supply PC board. Ink Delivery System – RIDS assembly – replaceable ink delivery system – transports ink from ink supply station to carriage assembly.

Arm Delivery – Paper sensing arm – for ‘paper out’ or delivering paper sensing arm. Power Supply Board – High voltage power supply board.